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  • G.O. Elite Summer Camp (OH)

    Where/when is check in/out?

    Check-in will be from 12 - 2pm Monday June 26th @ The University of Cincinnati


    Richard E. Lindner Center 4th Floor Lobby
    2751 O’Varsity Way
    Cincinnati, OH 45221


    99 W. Corry Blvd.
    Cincinnati, OH 45221

    Check out will be from 3:00 - 3:30pm Wednesday June 28th. You will receive information regarding where check out will be in a later during check in.

    Where do we park?

    We encourage you to park in Corry Garage or Varsity Village Garage, both located on campus. You will have to pay once you exit!

    Where are the dorms located?

    Dorms are located adjacent to the Lindner Center and athletic fields. We will have players at check in to take you to the dorms.

    What do COMMUTER CAMPERS do inbetween sessions?

    All commuters will have the dorm lobby to relax and hang out in between session. Goalies and commuters will be able to leave their equipment and gear in the Sheakley Athletics Complex (where we will be playing), which will be locked in between sessions.

    I do not encourage players to leave valuable items (phones, wallets, money, etc.) in the complex.

    If I registered online and wish to pay off my camp balance, what should I do?

    Follow these steps to pay off any camp balances (as long as you initially registered online).

    1. Log in with the same username and password you used when you initially registered.
    2. You should see a dialogue box that says “It appears you have a balance due on a previous order. Would you like to apply a payment to your account?” – click on “Yes! take me to my account!
    3. Click on the “detail” button that corresponds with your initial payment.
    4. Fill out credit card information and click “Submit” and you’ll be good to go!

    Are parents/families welcome to attend sessions?

    Yes! Family and Friends are welcome to attend any or all sessions! However, no one is permitted inside dorm rooms during camp.

    Are meals provided?

    Yes! Meals will be provided! Dinner Monday, breakfast lunch and dinner Tuesday, & breakfast and lunch Thursday.

    We will not be providing snacks or concessions during camp. We encourage you to pack or bring snacks. We will provide water and Gatorade during camp!

    What is the cancellation policy for G.O. Elite Summer Camp?

    G.O. Elite Summer Camp:

    There is a $75 non refundable fee. Refunds will only be given 1 week prior to the start of camp activities. Adjustments may be made for extreme circumstances.

    What should I bring to camp?

    • ALL Insurance information
    • COPY of Insurance cards

    • Download: PRINTED COPY of waiver form here

      (OR you can scan the waiver and email it back to gina.oliver@uc.edu if you would like)

    • Bedding (pillow, blankets, sheets, etc.)
    • Shower supplies
    • Toiletry items (sunscreen, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, etc.)
    • Medications: **Must be listed as part of registration or provided with waiver during check in.
    • Extra spending money
    • Equipment: stick, goggles, mouth guard, goalie equipment *We will not be providing any of these items for camp
    • Plenty of athletic gear (tshirts, shorts, etc.)
    • Footwear: cleats, turfs, sneakers, shoes

    When do COMMUTER CAMPERS need to be picked up and dropped off?

    COMMUTER Pick up Time:

    June 26th & 27th ~ 8:30pm
    Location: Sheakley Athletic Center (Lacrosse Fields)

    COMMUTER Drop off Time:

    June 27th & June 28th ~ 7:30am (If you would like breakfast) 8:00am (If you will not eat breakfast)
    Location: Sheakley Athletic Center (Lacrosse Fields)

    COMMUTER Pick up Time:

    June 28th ~ 3:00pm
    Location: Sheakley Athletic Center (Lacrosse Fields)

  • G.O. Summer Day Camp (PA)

    Will lunch be provided?

    We will not be providing lunch. Lunch is on your own.

    Will camp t shirts or pinnies be provided?

    We will be providing camp Pinnies

    Where is Check in?

    Check in – Pottsgrove High School – details address to come

    Are Parents Allowed to Watch?

    Parents welcome to watch the sessions.

    What is the Cancellation Policy?

    Cancellation Policy - $75 non refundable fee. No refunds after July 9th 2017.